Tanya Wilson

Born in South Africa and brought up in England, Tanya Wilson juxtaposes traditional methods and contemporary ways of displaying tapestry by creating experimental and personal expressions of weaving. Her pieces play with the audiences’ perception and expectation of what weaving can be, by subverting the traditional materiality of weaving.

Coming from a drawing background with a BA in Fine Art Drawing, Tanya translates her doodles of fluid and symmetrical forms, intense emotional states, mischievous creatures and monsters in nightmarish scenes into woven tapestry displays.

Every component of Tanya’s work is handmade. She uses basic plain weave to produce solid block colours that crudely bend and distort as the image is built upon; which is an outcome of making something by hand as it exposes the raw process of hand weaving. This leads to the audience becoming more aware of the tensions of hand weaving. What ends up being presented are her battles with the process of making by hand.

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