About Plinch

Plinch is a new, innovative online art platform based in London. We believe art can bring a positive change to every space in the city. We offer art sale, rental and curation services which also showcase and create new income streams for emerging local artists. Our goal is to support these artists and at the same time bring positive change to businesses and empty spaces.


Our story; Our founder, Hongxi Li, after graduating from University of the Arts London (UAL), was finding it difficult to convince galleries to show her artwork. She was among many up-and-coming artists struggling to get their work out there. At an interview for an office job, Hongxi found that the company was renting plants to uplift their blank and empty office. She asked them why they did not put art on the walls instead. The interviewer loved the idea and agreed that it would be a better change to the office than a potted plant. Hongxi didn’t get the job but stuck to her true passion. She championed emerging artists to rent and sell affordable art to people with empty spaces. Plinch was born.

Hongxi and her team invited promising artists in London to come together as a community and rent and sell their artwork to local offices. Plinch is a platform for emerging artists to rent or sell their artwork to business owners needing a positive change in their workspace.